Inside the Bracket

Early Season Observations and Preseason Seed List

Got a late start this year, but you can find The Bracketeer's preseason seed list at the bottom of this post.  Since the time that this came out there are some obvious disappointments.  Texas, UConn, NC State, Washington, and Texas Tech are all off to sluggish starts.  UConn already has 4 losses!  I am going to let the season play out for a bit before doing the next bracket projection (likely around Christmas time).

A few thoughts on the young season:

  • I see six elite teams so far: UNC, Kentucky, Duke, Villanova, Kansas, and Virginia.  Syracuse and Louisville could join the ranks if they can prove themselves in the coming weeks.  
  • UNC really impressed me with their showing in Maui.  Dominating Wisconsin is not easy and its pretty rare.  UNC made it look easy last night.
  • Villanova's gutsy win at Purdue followed by winning the Charleston Classic proved that they have no signs of dropping off from last year.
  • Initially I had Florida State and Notre Dame out, we will see how FSU fares in Barclay's the next couple of days.  The Noles have the talent to make a run this year and do big things. My preseason gut feeling was simply that they would have a disappointing finish to their schedule and be one of the First Four out.  They have a history of being hyped in preseason and falling short by March.  As for Notre Dame, they have already proved me wrong and they will be likely in a much higher position by the next update.
  • The Bracket Matrix is showing 11 teams from the ACC out of 15 making the tournament.  I simply cannot envision this happening.  I remember when the Big East had 11 out of 16 a few years ago but this ACC is not quite as deep in my opinion.  The ACC would need an incredibly strong Non-Conf RPI for the committee to consider putting 11 ACC teams in the field.  My initial bracket has 9 teams in.  And if I did another one today I would likely have Notre Dame and Florida State in and NC State out.  But once conference play starts expect at least 2 of these 11 to play themselves out.
  • Teams that have already played themselves out for now: UConn, Washington, Texas, Texas Tech, NC State, Georgetown.
  • Who would be in now? - South Carolina, Notre Dame, Florida State, USC, Oklahoma State, Maryland

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!