Inside the Bracket

Wooden Legacy Predictions

  1. UCLA - This strikes me as a must win tournament for UCLA to elevate their status as a legitimate contender this season.  They have the best player in the tournament, Lonzo Ball, and it is in their backyard.  I think they get it done this weekend. The Pac-12 could really use this as a whole for the Conference RPI as well.
  2. Texas A&M - I am not exactly sold on the Aggies.  I would be surprised if they lost to Northridge, but can certainly see VTech or the Lobos beating them in the Semifinals.
  3. Dayton - Flyers are scrappy and hungry after the loss to Saint Mary's last week.  They will be in three battles in this tournament as long as they win the opener.  I see them winning that and the 3rd place game over....
  4. New Mexico - Predicting an upset over the Hokies in Round 1, despite the fact that I believe the Hokies are in my field of 68 right now.  I am thinking New Mexico will be more amped for this game in Titan Gym.
  5. Virginia Tech - The loss to the Lobos will wake them up and they will bounce back to beat Northridge and Nebraska.
  6. Nebraska - Mystery team coming in undefeated.  I see them battling Dayton and falling short in round 1.
  7. Portland - Don't sleep on the Pilots.  They come in undefeated and ready to prove themselves.  But I see them falling short in the first two games.
  8. Cal State Northridge - The Matadors are also a tough out with solid overall talent.  But again, someone has to finish 8th.