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3X3U Friday

Mall of America

Mall of America

As I entered the Mall of America, I noticed something different. Players walking from one entrance to the adjacent end of the Mall to go play a game. Th3 3X3U setup a locker room far from the Main Court and there is a behind the scenes Practice court over there as well. The Patriot League team happened to be right in front of me as the cruised the Mall, much to the surprise of many shoppers. Very unique experience. I finally made my way to the Credential area and back to the Main Court to see the ACC defeat the Moutain West.

The Patriot League just defeated the MEAC on a 20-20 tiebreaking jumper.

Up next? MVC vs. WCC, can’t wait!

WCC wins it impressively. The Frankie Ferrari-Isaiah Piniero combo is nice.

Southland vs. OVC was chippy, but the Southland squad was real hot, especially early. Cruised to a 21-12 victory.
AAC vs. A10 time. Excited to see SLU’ and Seattle native Tramaine Isabell take on Jeremiah Martin and co.
This AAC squad is nice. Martin being as great as he is, gives them a big edge. He hit some big two’s. AAC was saved by the buzzer and held on to win 20-19.

NEC vs. Big West. FDU’s Darnell Edge and Mike Holloway Jr. are on the NEC team and Tacoma, WA native Ar’mond Davis is on the Big West squad, good to see some familiar faces.
NEC completely dominated, Big West struggled to get a rhythm going. Final score: 22-11.

SEC takes down 21-16. Mizzou’s Jordan Geist with a great game shooting the rock.

Up next: America East vs. Big South. Big South destroyed the America East 21-4. Impressive showing.

Time for two teams that won earlier - Patriot vs. ACC. Game was real physica. ACC pulled it out 21-16, crowd was into this one too. Great theatrics.

Mountain West and MEAC in must-win action now. Both are 0-1.. MWC earns the much needed win. over the MEAC.

WCC (1-0) battled with the OVC (0-1) in our next matchup. WCC held on to win 21-19. Jacksonville State’s Jason Burnell spikes the basketball in disgust after the final shot went through the hoop.